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 Datca Turkey The town of Datça is located on the long and narrow Datça Peninsula the outline of which follows the ins and outs of small bays and coves all along its length which stretches nearly 100 kilometers or 62 miles in length. At the western end of the Datça Peninsula is a village called Tekir which is the location of the ancient city of Knidos. At the peninsula’s eastern end is Bencik Cove that is 1.5 kilometers in length at the end of which a narrow isthmus joins the mainland. This is a natural anomaly that offers a view of the Gulf of Gökova to the north and the Gulf of Hisarönü towards the south. This point is called Balikasiran which in Turkish means "the place where fish may leap across".

Both the town and the peninsula were called Resadiye for a short time in the beginning of the 20th century in honor of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V Resad. Nowadays Resadiye is the name of one of the quarters of the town along with Eski Datça - “Old Datça” and Iskele - “the quay” quarters which each being separated from the others by a distance of about a mile to form the town of Datça proper. The Datça Peninsula is a special location for tourists visiting Turkey because of its natural beauty and traditional atmosphere unspoiled by modern commercial tourism. The beauty of its many coves and larger bays which are ports of call for those enjoying the famous Blue Cruises along the southwest coast of Turkey. These cruises are in boats called gulets which usually depart either from Bodrum or Marmaris.

A visit to the Datça area in early spring will afford those tourists who visit an opportunity to witness the blossoming of the almond trees that turn their groves into spectacular panoramas of white blossoms. The Datça area not only has the world's best almonds but olives, grapes, pomegranates, figs, oranges, apples, pears and peaches as well.

Datca Information

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